Top 15 Content Writing Tools for SEO You Should Try
18 min readJul 10, 2023

Today, all content is SEO content. It has to be if you want it to see the light of day. With the content boom, there is fierce competition for the audience’s attention in an already crowded digital space. Marketers have also realized that creating impactful pieces is intricately linked to search engine optimization (SEO). But if they want to stand the best chance of ranking high on SERPs, they need some good content writing tools for SEO. These are tools that can help marketers fine-tune their content to align with search engine algorithms, while also helping them save time in the writing process.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go anywhere in search of these tools. We’ve compiled a list of 15 powerful SEO writing tools to support different stages of your SEO content writing process. There are tools to help you with everything, from keyword research, readability improvement, planning your anchor text and internal linking structure to plagiarism detection. Read on to find an in-depth look at the features and capabilities of these incredible content writing tools for SEO.

What you’ll learn in this post -

1. Content Writing Tools for SEO: SEO Content Writing Tools

2. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Keyword Research Tools

3. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Readability Checkers

4. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Plagiarism Detection Tools

5. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Anchor Text Suggestion Tools

6. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Meta Data Generators

7. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Tools for Internal Linking

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1. Content Writing Tools for SEO: SEO Content Writing Tools

SEO content writing is the practice of creating content to get more traffic through search engines. It requires a combination of content creation best practices and solid on-page SEO tactics to produce content that delights both the readers and the search engines. And this a delicate art.

If you’re new to SEO content writing, or you just want to perfect it, AI SEO tools can be your ally. Here are three SEO AI tools that can help you create high-ranking content -


This AI content workspace offers an extensive array of tools to take care of all your content needs, from planning, creation, optimization to publishing, and even project and team management. Part of this toolkit is Narrato’s AI Content Assistant, which serves as an excellent companion in the SEO content creation process. It is an all-in-one AI SEO content generator, that comes with several AI tools to assist you with different aspects of content creation. These AI tools can generate content ideas, create images from text, and also help you work through creative blocks by providing writing assistance. There’s also an AI tool to help you translate text from one language to another.

When you’re working on a blog, copy, or social media post, Narrato’s AI writer can give you new inspiration and fresh ideas to approach the topic or theme. It can also provide you with guidance in incorporating keywords and structuring your content the right way, so that you can capture the nuances of SEO content writing. The AI writer use cases that would be particularly useful in SEO content writing are -

  • Blog Post Intro, Blog Post Conclusion, and Blog Article from Topic for SEO content writing guidance for blog content
  • AIDA/BAB/PAS Copy, Short Ad Copy, and Product Description for SEO content writing guidance for copy content
  • QnA for featured snippets
  • Video Hook Intro and Video Description for SEO content writing for video content

For instance, here we used the ‘Blog Article from Topic’ use case to generate a 200-word blog with the help of the AI writer. We also provided the tool with specific keywords we want to incorporate, select the tone of voice, and specified the target audience. And this is what it came up with.

When you have a preliminary draft with well-structured content and keywords added, all that is left is to incorporate your own opinions and voice. Think about the hours of effort it would save you in the SEO content writing process.

You can also generate AI SEO content briefs for each content, and track how well your content is optimized for search with dynamic keyword count updates and SEO score. This SEO score is given on the basis of keyword optimization, content length, topical relevance, readability, and content structure. Besides this, the brief also gives you a list of ‘questions to include’ that you can use to build your FAQ section.

Pricing: The pricing plans for Narrato start from $45 per month (5 user seats included).

TL;DR Here’s a quick look at the list and the key features of each tool, in this video.

AlliAI Live Editor

This is a unique AI SEO tool that can be used to optimize any webpage for search, without having to rely on your developers to make simple updates. The AlliAI Live Editor comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension. Once you have it installed, you can simply navigate to any webpage, click on the AlliAI widget and add customizations. With that, you can easily make any changes in your code, content, or text, and have it go live within a matter of minutes.

The great thing about AlliAI Live Editor is that it gives you complete control over your content and your pages. You can also reverse any changes with the click of a button. This AI SEO software boasts several other great features like -

  • Bulk on-page optimization: Works with any CMS or platform and automates common SEO tasks
  • Self-optimizer for traffic ROI: Maximize your website traffic by generating sitewide keyword-focused page titles
  • Site speed optimizer: Reduce the page load speed by 20–30%
  • Automated SEO A/B testing

Pricing: The pricing for AlliAI starts from $249 per month.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

Semrush writing assistant is an SEO content writing tool that is designed specifically to help marketers optimize their content for search. It is essentially an SEO content editor that analyzes your text and provides improvement suggestions on the basis of four key elements of SEO content writing -

  • SEO: Gain valuable insights on incorporating relevant keywords and optimizing your links, tags, and images
  • Readability: Pinpoints areas that require rewriting
  • Originality: You can check your content for plagiarism, and get links to the original sources directly from the tool
  • Consistency: Gives you suggestions to make necessary adjustments to your tone of voice and word choices that are inconsistent with the audience’s preferences

The Semrush SEO Content Writing Assistant comes with the Semrush platform, which offers a range of other SEO tools for content research, analytics, backlink analysis, and more. And if you want to use the SEO content editor on Google Docs, WordPress, or MS Word 365, it can be easily integrated into these platforms too.

Pricing: The Semrush pricing plans start from $125.95 per month.

Content Writing Tools for SEO: Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research forms the very foundation of SEO content writing. Although keyword research and optimization alone don’t determine your SEO success, you need to have a solid keyword research plan to hit the target with your content marketing efforts. And there are some great keyword generators that can help you in your SEO content writing journey. Here are some of our recommendations -


Narrato has an AI SEO content brief generator that makes keyword research and content optimization effortless and easy. We’ve already discussed how this feature can help you with content optimization by providing you with a live SEO score, questions to include, and more. But that’s not all there is to it.

As the name suggests, this AI tool generates SEO content briefs, complete with keyword suggestions, ideal headings/paragraph/word count, and competitor references. All you have to do is input your topic or search term and the content brief will be generated in a few minutes.

The keyword list generated by the tool looks something like this -

You can edit this list, add your own keywords along with the count, or remove the ones you don’t want.

Besides this keyword research tool, Narrato also offers ChatGPT integration, which can provide an additional layer of assistance for your keyword research needs. It can give you topic-relevant keyword ideas and can also help you better understand your audience’s search intent. You can also generate content briefs with ChatGPT, by specifying all the elements you want included in the SEO content brief.

Pricing: You can get access to Narrato’s SEO content brief generator and other AI tools with plans starting from $45 per month. And there are 5 user seats in each plan.


Diib is a comprehensive SEO tool that uses big data to give you keyword suggestions, unique content ideas, and other content SEO recommendations, all geared towards enhancing your search rankings. It also comes with backlink and keyword monitoring features to ensure continuous optimization and effective management of your SEO efforts.

Besides allowing you to track competitor rankings, Diib also comes with a unique Rank Guard feature that lets you track and monitor the rankings of your target keywords. The tool notifies you whenever there is any change in your keyword rankings, and it also tells you why it changed.

Other features offered by the tool include -

  • Personalized growth plan with custom SEO objectives alerts
  • Daily website health score
  • Website monitoring with ranking changes and competitor activity
  • Weekly snapshot email of SEO, speed, and security overview

Pricing: You can access all of these features in the Diib Pro plan ($7.99 per month). There is also a free version if you want to test out these features.

Seed Keywords

This is a free SEO tool created by Red Evolution, a UK-based web design agency. This keyword research tool operates a little differently, as it lets you build a list of seed keywords by getting ideas directly from your audience.

Using it is quite simple. You would just have to create a search scenario based on a specific theme, and the tool will generate a unique URL link for that scenario. You can then share this link with your audience through email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform, and get their input on the search scenario.

This is a great way to build your list of seed keywords, which will help guide your SEO content writing efforts. It also gives you a chance to connect directly with your audience to learn about their search intent. You wouldn’t have to rely on guesswork or secondary tools to build your seed keywords list.

Pricing: Free

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is another free keyword research tool that can help marketers make sense of their audience’s search intent. This tool can be quite helpful for both keyword research and content ideation too, as it tells you exactly what your audience is searching for. It sources content ideas through autocomplete.

To get keyword ideas, you have to enter a broad topic or theme, select your location and language, and click ‘Search’. It will give you a brief overview of the search volume and CPC of your target keyword, along with hundreds of keyword ideas in the form of visualizations.

For instance, here we searched for the topic ‘AI image generation’ and this is what the tool came up with -

These keyword ideas are divided into five distinct categories -

  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabeticals
  • Related

Besides giving you a list of keywords, Answer the Public also gives you key indicators (search volume and CPC) for each keyword idea.

Pricing: Free

3. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Readability Checkers

Content readability plays a crucial role in engaging your target audience, and it’s also an important ranking factor for Google. So creating high-quality content without any readability or grammar issues can help you do better at SEO. And there are some excellent readability checkers out there to help you boost your content readability metrics. And what’s more, you get a readability score too.


Narrato’s suite of content creation tools includes a powerful content editor that provides suggestions to enhance and optimize your content’s readability. The tool highlights and provides improvement suggestions for common grammatical errors (underlined in blue), excessive use of passive voice, very long sentences/paras (underlined red), and other issues that could affect your content’s readability. If you happen to make a common typographical error while writing your content in the editor, the tool automatically fixes that too.

And what’s more, you get a live Readability Score along with a grade. This makes it easier to optimize your content as you go.

Narrato’s AI writer also comes with several use cases that could help with readability improvement -

  • Content Improver rewrites your content in a given tone, with better word choice and structure
  • Paragraph to Bullets option organizes the text in the bullet form
  • Blog Post Outline gives you a rough outline of content based on SEO best practices, along with headers and subheaders

Pricing: To access this readability checker and other content creation tools on Narrato Workspace, you can start with Basic plan that is priced at $45 per month.


If you’re looking for another easy-to-use readability checker, you might want to consider Readable. It offers three categories of readability tools — ContentPRO, CommercePRO, and AgencyPRO.

ContentPRO lets you check your content documents for readability issues, while CommercePRO is more suited for users who want to optimize their whole website. AgencyPRO comes with a Readability API that can be integrated into your CMS, website, or product.

The tool functions are fairly straightforward. When you paste your text, Readable uses its propriety algorithm to assess the content and assign a reading grade. Besides highlighting the grammar and spelling issues, it also checks the reading level to help you understand if that will match the reading level of your target audience. The only drawback of the tool is that many of its unique features are limited to the paid version of the tool.

Pricing: Readable offers a 7-day free trial, and the pricing plans are dependent on the number of users you specify. For 1 user, ContentPRO is priced at $4 per month.

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4. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Plagiarism Detection Tools

Plagiarism can affect SEO, even if you do it unintentionally. Google can penalize websites with plagiarized content, as it is considered theft of intellectual property and a violation of copyright laws. Plagiarism checker tools can help you maintain your content’s originality, and steer clear of any copyright issues.

Here are three plagiarism detection tools that you can try out today -


Besides helping you create SEO-friendly content, Narrato also comes with plagiarism detection capabilities. Narrato’s plagiarism checker is powered by CopyScape, which is one of the most reliable and accurate plagiarism detection tools available. This Narrato feature can be accessed directly from the brief tab beside the content editor.

After you’re done writing your content in the editor, just click ‘Check’ and it’ll give you a plagiarism check result in seconds. If there is some duplicate content found in the text, it will give you a source link with the specific portions of duplicate content highlighted.

Pricing: This Narrato feature works on credits. When you go with the base plan ($45 per month), you get $5/month credit (approx. 38000 words). You also have the option to buy more credits as you go.


Unicheck by Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection tool that can ensure 100% authenticity in your content. This user-friendly tool allows you to check more than 100,000 words at a time. It also supports 25+ languages and several different file formats.

When you run your content through this tool, it will compare the text with billions of web pages to generate a comprehensive report, with -

  • Plagiarism score
  • Source links
  • Highlighted plagiarized text

This tool offers several other unique features -

  • High-speed detection (4 seconds/page)
  • Accurate text similarity score: Excludes bibliography, quotes, and self-plagiarism
  • A side-by-side comparison with text source
  • Customize search settings

Pricing: Unicheck also operates on Price-Per-Page credits. There’s also a free plagiarism checker with a 200-words limit.


This plagiarism detection caters to a wide range of users, including businesses of any scale, publishers, website owners, and also teachers and students. It boasts a large database of academic papers (5 million) and web pages (14 billion) and uses a unique algorithm to detect plagiarism in your content.

All you have to do is paste or upload your text, run the scan, and the tool will generate a plagiarism report, along with a list of duplicate content sources. It supports a few different languages, including English, French, German, Romanian, and Italian. With the premium version of PlagTracker, you also get API access, grammar checks, unlimited checking volume, and more.

Pricing: The pricing plans for this tool start from $7.49 per month.

5. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Anchor Text Suggestion Tools

Using relevant anchor text is crucial, as it helps search engines understand the context and relevance of the linked page. But if you’re struggling to find the right anchor text for your hyperlinks, consider using anchor text suggestion tools together to take the guesswork out of the equation. Here are some of our recommendations for these tools -

Linkio Anchor Text Planner and Generator

Linkio is a cold outreach tool that comes with anchor text generation and planning capabilities to help you in your link-building efforts. The anchor text planner assists in identifying the most impactful anchor texts for your SEO content strategy. It will help you build a well-rounded backlink profile, consisting of 13 different types of anchor texts. It will also give you suggestions for anchor texts to prioritize, and the optimal order in which to build them.

Besides the anchor text planner, you also have a free anchor text generator for quick anchor text ideas.

You can add your brand name, along with keywords and page type, select the type of anchor text you want, and hit generate. You’ll just have to enter your email, and the anchor text suggestions will be mailed to you.

Pricing: The anchor text generator is free, while the pricing for the paid tool starts from $19.99 per month.

Searchbloom Anchor Text Generator

Searchbloom is a US-based search engine marketing agency that also provides 10 free tools to help marketers and SEOs with different aspects of search optimization. Among these tools is the anchor text generator tool, which can help create a customized anchor text profile for your business.

This anchor text generator works a lot like the Linkio anchor text suggestion tool. You’ll have to input your brand name, enter your keywords, select a page type, and also an anchor text type, and hit ‘Generate’. But instead of mailing you the list of anchor text ideas, it displays it then and there. It also gives you options to select your favorites and download the list in .csv format. We’d say it’s a pretty good tool if you want quick anchor text suggestions.

6. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Meta Data Generators

Meta data, particularly meta titles and meta descriptions, play an important role in SEO content writing. Well-crafted meta descriptions and titles help search engines understand the relevance of your content to specific search queries, improving the chances of your page appearing in relevant search results. And meta data generators, particularly these three tools, can accomplish this task beautifully -


Narrato’s AI writer has a dedicated SEO meta description use case to help you create short, keyword-focused description summaries of your blog content. To generate an SEO meta description with this tool, enter your page title, and keywords and select the number of variations you want. And that’s it.

If you’re not happy with the result, you can re-generate the SEO meta descriptions as many times as you want.

To generate the meta title, you can use the ChatGPT integration on Narrato, and provide a tool with a prompt that is something along these lines-

Create a meta title for the topic [Add Topic] and include the keyword [Add keyword]. Keep it under 60 characters.

Pricing: The AI writer is part of Narrato AI Content Workspace, the pricing plans for which start from $45 per month, and include 5 user seats.

Small SEO Tools Meta Tag Generator

Small SEO Tools is a platform that offers 50+ SEO tools for planning, creating, and optimizing content, with one of them being the meta tag generator. This is a free tool that generates meta keyword tags for your website, based on your -

  • Site title
  • Site description
  • Site keywords
  • Language, and other data

This meta tag generator makes it incredibly easy to generate SEO-friendly meta labels for your website.

This platform offers another tool called the meta tag analyzer that can help you optimize your meta data. When you enter your URL into the tool, it runs an SEO check on the meta title, meta description, and meta keywords, and gives you a Meta Tag Analysis report.

Pricing: Free

FME SEO Meta Tags Generator on Adobe

This is an SEO Meta Tag Generator developed by FMEextension, and offered on the Adobe platform. With this tool, you can automate meta data creation, and generate SEO-friendly meta tags for categories, products, and CMS pages in half the time, and with minimal effort.

Here are the unique capabilities of this meta tag generator -

  • Customize templates with pre-defined variables for auto-generating SEO meta tags
  • SEO H1 tag generator
  • Generate long and short descriptions to avoid content duplication
  • Add SEO meta tags and description tags to categories and products
  • Define word and character limits for meta tags

Pricing: This SEO meta tag generator can be purchased at a one-time price of $69.99.

7. Content Writing Tools for SEO: Tools for Internal Linking

Internal linking is another one of the basics in SEO content writing. By strategically interlinking your content, you provide cues to search engines, telling them which pages are most important, and which ones follow in importance. And to assist in implementing a robust internal linking strategy, you need good internal linking tools. Here are two of our recommendations for these tools -

Link Whisper

Link Whisper is an AI-powered smart internal linking tool that can give you internal link suggestions automatically, based on your customizations and settings. It does so by crawling your entire site and indexing the existing links.

Link Whisper can also identify broken or orphaned pages and give you suggestions for optimizing internal linking.

Other features of this tool are -

  • Auto-linking for building links for targeted keywords
  • Option to edit and fix broken links
  • Link stats dashboard (all internal, external, broken links, 404 errors, and more)
  • Get internal link suggestions for multiple sites
  • Pull traffic data from Google Search Consol

Pricing: The pricing for the plugin depends on how many sites you want to use it for. For 1 site license, the tool is priced at $77.

WordPress Internal Link Optimiser by Toast Plugins

Developed by Toast Plugins, WordPress Internal Link Optimiser is an open-source internal linking tool that can help you manage your entire internal linking structure. This tool can discover internal linking opportunities. And what’s more, you can also manage all your existing internal links on each page.

You can run this tool to get a complete report, with duplicate internal links, anchor texts, internal link optimization suggestions, and an internal linking score. It’s important to note here that this tool does not automatically link to any pages. Its purpose is only to highlight internal link opportunities.

Pricing: Free

Wrapping Up

Writing SEO content for your website can be a daunting task. But with the right strategies and tools, it does become a little easier.

The tools listed above are a great starting point for marketers looking to create content that is optimized for search engines, is easy to read, and is free of plagiarism. And if you’re looking for more useful resources on content writing and SEO, head on to the Narrato blog for articles like -

So, go ahead and choose a content writing tool for SEO that aligns best with your budget and your needs. And let us know which one of these tools you found to be particularly useful.

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