100+ ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creation

18 min readJan 11, 2024

ChatGPT, the ground-breaking AI chatbot from OpenAI has taken the internet by storm, with people finding innovative new ways to use it to their advantage. This powerful tool is capable of simulating meaningful human-like conversations to provide detailed responses to the ChatGPT prompts, making it incredibly useful for content creators, writers, and marketers. When used together, the ChatGPT integration and the other AI content creation tools on Narrato can unlock a new level in your content game.

But there is a certain art to crafting ChatGPT prompts. There will be times when you’ll strike gold in one go, and other times when the responses will be totally off the mark. If you’ve been struggling to come up with useful prompts for ChatGPT for content creation, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve compiled the best ChatGPT prompts for generating various types of content, from blogs, social media posts, and marketing copies to SEO content, and more. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the ChatGPT prompts for marketing and content creation.

TL;DR Here’s a quick video highlighting some of the important ChatGPT prompts from this article.

ChatGPT prompts for content creation -

  1. ChatGPT Prompts for Blog Content
  2. ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Content
  3. ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Content
  4. ChatGPT Prompts for Emails
  5. ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriting
  6. ChatGPT Prompts for Video and Podcast Content
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Save frequently used prompts as custom AI templates on Narrato

Before we dive into the long list of curated ChatGPT prompts that we have for you, did you know that you can save all your favorite, frequently used prompts as custom templates on Narrato? Using the “Create an AI template” feature, you can generate your own templates by adding customized prompts. These templates will be accessible to you under My Templates on the AI Content Assistant, making content creation extremely convenient and quick. We’ve explained how you can create custom AI templates on Narrato in this video guide.

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What are the most useful prompts for ChatGPT?

The best ChatGPT prompts are those that elicit meaningful and interesting responses from the AI chatbot. They should be specific and clear with the details and should challenge the AI to take a new approach. But ultimately, it all comes down to your content creation goals.

Here’s a compilation of some awesome ChatGPT prompts that could be useful in your content creation process.

1. ChatGPT Prompts for Blog Content

Knowing the right ChatGPT prompts can be a game-changer for your blog content. Whether you’re writing a listicle, a how-to guide, or a case study, ChatGPT can provide you with fresh perspectives and insights to make your blog stand out. Get inspired with this list of prompts for ChatGPT -

Blog Research and Planning

  1. Create an audience persona for [Topic].
  2. Suggest [X] topic ideas for a blog post on [subject]. Include the primary keyword [specify keyword] in all the topics.
  3. You are a blog title generator. Provide me with a list of [X] different attention-grabbing and creative titles for [topic name], with the keyword [keyword(s)] included in the title. Please generate unique titles that would be easy to read.
  4. Generate a blog post outline on the topic [add topic]. The outline must have [X] subheadings.
  5. Suggest some H2 and H3 subheadings for the content given below. Don’t modify the text: <add content>
  6. Create a list of the top trends in [industry/niche] in [Year].
  7. Create a list of [X] tools for [Y] professionals along with the pros and cons of each tool.
  8. Create a list of [X] best [items] for [niche/industry].
  9. You are a marketing specialist. Create a blog content calendar for the month of [specific month and year] targeting [your target audience or niche]. Each week should have a distinct theme or focus, and the content should align with the overall goals and objectives of our blog. Consider incorporating a mix of informational, educational, and engaging content types.

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to find out the top YouTube content marketing trends

Blog Writing

  1. Write a blog post introduction on [Topic]. Write it in a [X] tone. Use transition words. Write over [Y] words. Include the following keywords: <keywords separated by commas>
  2. Write an introduction for the section [section name/subheading] of a blog post on [Topic].
  3. Elaborate on the following topic/paragraph: <add text>
  4. Write an FAQ section for a blog post on [Topic], along with the answers.
  5. Write a conclusion for the blog post on [Topic]. The key points to cover are : <list key points to reiterate>
  6. Here is a list of headings and subheadings on the topic [topic]. Draft relevant content for these subheadings to create a blog post.
  7. What are the main takeaways that a reader should be left with after reading a blog on [topic].
  8. Write a [define tone — motivational, informative, funny, etc.] blog post on [Topic]. The length of the blog post must be X words and the target audience is [define audience].
  9. You are a [tech writer/news writer/creative writer/business writer/lifestyle writer]. You have to write an engaging [review/listicle/how-to-guide/case study/news story/opinion piece] on the topic [Topic]. I will provide you with the basic points that need to be covered. You can ask for screenshots to be included in different parts of the text, and I will add them later. Here is what you need to cover <add points>
  10. Generate a list of [X] trends on [Topic].
  11. Suggest [X] metaphors to describe [subject].

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato. Here are some more ChatGPT prompts for blog content writing.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat for generating FAQs

Blog Optimization

  1. Rewrite the following paragraph in a [conversational, assertive, humorous, etc.] tone
  2. Instill more creativity into the following content piece, while keeping it simple. [Add content]
  3. Provide real-world examples and supporting arguments to support [list the point(s)]
  4. Replace some words in this sentence/paragraph with synonyms
  5. Rewrite this paragraph in simpler terms
  6. Check the following article for grammar and spelling errors: <add article text/ URL>
  7. Check the following article for redundant words/sentences and rewrite where necessary: <add article text/ URL>
  8. Check the content for inconsistent tone and style, and provide suggestions: <add article text/ URL>
  9. Check the text for any inconsistencies in tone or style and provide suggestions for improvement: <add text>
  10. Create an [X]-word summary of this content: <add article text>
  11. Rephrase this content in [X] ways. Retain the original meaning and avoid repetition of points. <add article text>

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to obtain real-world examples on a topic

Additional tools for blog content creation

You can simplify blog content creation even further with Narrato’s AI blog writer, which comes with several use cases like Blog Post Intro, Blog Post Conclusion, Blog Post Outline, Paraphrase a Paragraph, Content Improver, and more. Simply select your use case, provide the tool with basic information, select the audience and tone, and click ‘Generate’. Narrato also has an AI long blog article generator, using which you can generate long-form blogs by only specifying your keyword. The AI creates the outline, decides the appropriate word count, and generates the content outline that you can edit to generate the blog. I creates the outline, decides the appropriate word count, and generates the content outline that you can edit to generate the blog. You can learn more about it in this guide on creating an article in under 15 minutes using an AI article writer.

If you’re looking for a tool to create accurate citations for all the research you’ve conducted using these ChatGPT prompts, try out QuillBot’s Citation Generator.

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2. ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Content

ChatGPT can also help you create high-quality SEO-friendly content with ease if you know which ChatGPT prompts to use. Here is a list of ChatGPT prompts to help you with keyword research, content optimization, link building, blog SEO, and more.

Keyword Research

  1. Create a detailed SEO content brief using the primary keyword [keyword] and secondary keywords [keywords].
  2. Create a checklist that outlines how to conduct keyword research for [topic] and seamlessly integrate keywords into written content.
  3. Generate a comprehensive, search-optimized blog post outline on the topic [X]. Ensure that most subheadings include the primary keyword [Y]. The target audience is [Z] and the length of the blog post must be X words.
  4. Identify the top keywords related to [Topic] that will drive relevant traffic to [website] and help it rank better on SERPs.
  5. List all long-tail queries related to [topic].
  6. Generate a list of LSI keywords related to the primary keyword [X].
  7. Create keyword clusters by grouping related keywords together from the following list <list of keywords>. Create as many clusters as required, but use every keyword only once.
  8. Classify the following keywords by search intent (informational, transactional, and commercial) in a table format <add keywords separated by commas>
  9. [List of keywords] Translate these keywords from [Source Language A] to [Language B]. Generate the results in tabular form with two columns, with Language A keywords in column 1, and the translated keywords in Language B in column 2.
  10. Provide some tips and best practices for optimizing this blog post for search engines: <add blog content>

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato. Find some more great prompts in this compilation of ChatGPT prompts for SEO content creation.

P.S. If you want to simplify the process of creating content briefs, you might want to check out this article on building content briefs using ChatGPT.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to create keyword clusters

Competitor Research

  1. Extract keyword ideas from the following text <add competitor article/text>
  2. My article: <article text>. Competitor’s article: <article text>. Compare the articles and suggest some techniques to improve my article for better visibility on the search engine
  3. Identify the content gaps in this article and suggest questions/subheadings to fill these gaps: <Competitor content>

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to find out competitor keywords

Content Optimization for SEO

  1. Optimize this title [title] for focus keywords [keywords] and clickability. Suggest x options for SEO-optimized titles.
  2. What are some additional keywords I can add to this content: <add content>
  3. Find out what is missing in this content, in terms of this [keyword] and [target audience]: <add content text>
  4. Create a list of [X] most commonly asked questions related to [keyword].
  5. Break the following content into HTML subheadings based on the keywords [list keywords separated by commas], and use these keywords in the HTML subheads: <add content text>
  6. Suggest where I can find high-authority articles and trustworthy research studies related to the keyword [keyword]
  7. Find out what is missing in the following listicle post, based on the keyword [keywords]: <add listicle content>
  8. Provide suggestions to improve the following article for grammar and SEO: <add article text>
  9. Generate a checklist for conducting an SEO audit of this kind of content: <add sample content>
  10. Provide suggestions for optimizing this content for featured snippets, aiming for position zero in search engine results: <add sample content>

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato. Find some SEO prompts in this blog article on ChatGPT prompts for SEO.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to get content optimization suggestions

Link Building

  1. Draft an outreach email pitching for a guest post. Make sure to include 5 title ideas based on the keyword [add keyword(s)], and include the following points: <add a list of points>
  2. Draft an email convincing Person [X] from [external site name] to link to my article/blog. <add article/blog content>
  3. Write a brief reply to the following HARO query, specifying that I have X years of experience in the field and that I will be happy to provide them with input. <Add HARO query details>
  4. Suggest creative ways to collaborate with influencers and thought leaders in your industry for mutually beneficial link-building opportunities.

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to find out more about link building opportunities

Additional tools for SEO content

While ChatGPT is great for initial keyword research and SEO, it’s good practice to use a tool like Narrato’s AI keyword generator and Google Keyword Planner to generate additional keywords to supplement the list. It also lets you search the competition level and average monthly searches. Besides this, you can also use Narrato’s SEO content brief generator that gives you a complete SEO brief, with a keyword list, references, questions to include, an SEO score tracker, and more.

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3. ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Content

ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their social media content. You can get some great ideas for social media posts, optimize content, and even build a comprehensive social media strategy using this tool. Here are the top ChatGPT prompts for creating social media content -

  1. List [X] objectives and goals for building a social media strategy for the topic [Topic].
  2. Generate a detailed social media plan for the topic [Topic]. Include the type of social media content to post, the topics to cover, and the right times to post.
  3. Identify [X] types of social media content on the topic [Topic] that [audience segment] would like to engage with.
  4. Generate X social media posts for Facebook on the topic [Topic], using the tone [assertive, conversational, casual, etc]. Add hashtags and CTA wherever possible. Make sure to create it keeping in mind the [target audience].
  5. Write a Monday Motivation post for LinkedIn. The target audience is [define target audience] Keep the post [define tone]. Include CTA and hashtags where possible.
  6. Generate [X] engaging questions related to the topic [Topic] for posting in a Facebook Group.
  7. Write an informative Twitter post on the topic [Topic]. Also include relevant hashtags.
  8. Write a Twitter thread comprising of X tweets summarizing this blog post: <link to blog post/ add text>
  9. Generate [X] captions for an Instagram post on the topic [topic]. Craft the captions for [target audience] and keep a [specify tone] tone. Include quotes and any other elements to make it more interesting.
  10. Generate [X] options for social media giveaway posts on [holiday name].
  11. Write a long-form LinkedIn post on the topic [Topic] using the tone [assertive, conversational, casual, etc]. Add hashtags and CTA wherever possible.
  12. Suggest [X] ideas for a social media poll on the topic [topic].
  13. Generate a list of ideal click-through rates for social media posts targeting [target audience].
  14. What metrics should I track when creating social media content on the topic [topic]? Include metrics like bounce rate, page views, etc.
  15. Create a monthly social media calendar for this project [Project name and details] in a tabular format. Include post ideas, post timing, post frequency, and engagement strategies in the calendar.

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato. You can check out this compilation of ChatGPT prompts for social media posts for more such prompts. We’ve got some other useful compilations, like 50+ ChatGPT prompts for Instagram content , 30+ ChatGPT prompts for LinkedIn content, and ChatGPT prompts for Facebook content.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to come up with giveaway post ideas

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to come up with a social media plan

Additional tools for social media content

To simplify the social media content creation process, we recommend using Narrato’s AI Content Genie and AI social media post generator. The latter offers various AI tools for custom social post generation, while AI Content Genie creates social media (& blog content) on autopilot. These tools can help you boost your content creation efficiency by 10x.

With the textual content ready, you would still need some good images and graphics to go with the content. You can use Narrato’s images and graphics tools that include GIF and CC image search tool. Narrato also provides an AI image generator that is capable of creating unique AI images in every style imaginable. If you’re looking for a graphic design tool that gives you more creative freedom, you can try out Vectr.

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4. ChatGPT Prompts for Emails

If you’re having trouble coming up with compelling email intros, subject lines, email copies, and newsletter ideas, ChatGPT can be your handy assistant. ChatGPT can be your AI newsletter generator or email writer too. With just a few targeted ChatGPT prompts, you can build a solid email campaign. Here are a few ChatGPT prompt examples for email content -

  1. Generate click-worthy email subject lines for the topic [topic]
  2. Give me a list of top trends in [niche/industry] to build newsletter campaigns
  3. Generate [X] newsletter ideas based on [topic]
  4. Craft an email addressing [Name], highlighting this product/service [provide details of the product/service]. Keep a [state desired tone] tone.
  5. Create an [X]-word newsletter on the topic [topic]. Include an anecdote related to the topic and cover the following basic points: <add the main points>
  6. Create a promotional email for [holiday, event] from [Company name], offering [details about deal/discount]. Add a catchy CTA toward the end
  7. This is the subject line for an email: <add subject line> Write a compelling body copy for this subject line, keeping in mind that the target audience is [target audience]
  8. Draft a follow-up mail addressing [Name], and use this subject line — <add subject line>
  9. Rewrite this email content to include the [tone choice] tone. Try to make it more compelling, but keep it professional
  10. Draft a pitch email selling [product/service details]. Make sure to include the benefits of using the said product/service
  11. Give me some tips to re-engage with disengaged subscribers
  12. Translate this email from [Language A] to [Language B]. Try to craft the email like a native and keep the tone [specify tone]. Email: <Add email content>
  13. Polish this newsletter to improve the tone, style, and structure. Maintain a [specify tone] tone. Keep it under [specify word limit]
  14. Write a welcome email for new subscribers of [Company Name], introducing them to the brand. <add details you’d like to include>
  15. Compose an email requesting customer feedback for [product/service]. Make sure to include the fact that we offer incentives for participating in the form of: <add the incentive you’re offering>

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato. You can find some more useful prompts in this compilation of ChatGPT prompts for email writing.

Using AI Chat to generate a newsletter

Using AI Chat to compose a customer feedback email

Additional tools for email content

Narrato’s AI email writer can help you with email content. You can use it to come up with subject lines and email outlines, or create entire cold outreach and promotional emails from scratch. Besides this, a tool like Snov.io can be useful for personalizing all your emails in bulk.

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5. ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriting

Effective copywriting is more than just stringing together words to persuade an audience. It requires out-of-the-box thinking and creativity, which is where human writers excel. But you can certainly use ChatGPT for content creation inspiration and ideas when you’re feeling stuck. Here are some ChatGPT prompts for the purpose -

  1. Give me a list of [X] creative names for [product/service].
  2. Give me a list of [X] catchy hero headers for a [type of product/service] website.
  3. Create a [state number of words] website copy introducing visitors to [product/service details].
  4. Write a unique website promise stating the purpose and agenda of the brand.
  5. Generate a web copy for the About Us page for a website [website name], explaining the vision and mission of the brand. <provide details about your brand>
  6. Generate a list of [X] CTA phrases for my website [website name].
  7. Generate X headline ideas for a Google Ad for [brief product description].
  8. Write content for a Google ad, with the title [Title] and covering the following features in the description [add points]. Keep the text under [X] characters. Target audience is [specify target audience].
  9. Generate a list of [X] CTAs encouraging customers to try [product/service].
  10. Write a catchy headline for [event, conference, or anything else] on the theme of [specify theme].
  11. Write a product description covering these features [add specifications]. Also include the target keywords [add keywords separated by commas].
  12. Suggest [X] unique copy ideas for a product launch. <add details about the product launch>
  13. Write a [X] word press release for a company announcement. <add details about the company announcement>
  14. Craft a compelling product testimonial from the perspective of a satisfied customer. <add product details>
  15. Create [X] impactful and concise vision and mission statements for my company. <provide company details and points you’d like to include>
  16. Create a value proposition for a [company] providing [product/service details]. Make sure that it communicates all the benefits of choosing the [product/service].
  17. Generate a list of [X] headlines for a [Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram] ad promoting [product/service details].
  18. Craft a compelling Facebook ad copy using the headline [add headline], and promoting [product/service details]. Make sure that it is targeting [specify target audience].
  19. Generate [X] marketing slogans that explain the unique selling point of [product/service].
  20. Create a [X] word elevator pitch for [product/service details].

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato. Here’s a compilation of ChatGPT prompts for product descriptions that you might find useful.

Using Narrato’s AI Chat to generate CTA phrases

Using Narrato AI Chat to generate an elevator pitch

Additional tools for copywriting

Narrato’s AI copywriter can help you create everything, from web page/landing page copy, headlines, brochures, and even short ad copy. If you’re looking to create AIDA, PAS, BAB copies, or any other kind of marketing content, Narrato’s AI writing assistant can help you here too. You can also consider using Wordtune, which is an AI rephraser that can help you optimize your copies to sound more compelling.

Try Narrato AI Tool

6. ChatGPT Prompts for Video and Podcast Content

If you want your video and podcast content to resonate with the audience, you need to have a solid plan in terms of content. With these ChatGPT prompts for writing, you can generate hooks, video/podcast scripts, and also get some awesome content ideas.

  1. I want to create a video on [topic] for [platform name]. Generate an attention-grabbing title, hashtags, and video script that would help with virality
  2. Generate a list of [X] video ideas on the theme of [provide details about the main subject matter]
  3. Create a video script for [product/service], talking about the features and benefits of the product/service. The script should be for a [specify time duration] video, and should include a CTA. <add the product name, type, and key features>
  4. Write a short/long description for the video: <add the video link or paste the transcript>
  5. Generate [X] of hooks for the following video, focusing on [subject] and [target audience]: <add the video link or paste transcript>
  6. Provide me with [X] scene ideas for this video script: [add video script]. Give the output in the form of a table, with the sections of the video script in one column and associated scenes in the other column
  7. Create a podcast ad script highlighting the features and benefits of [product/service]
  8. Generate a list of [X] podcast questions to ask a subject matter expert on the topic of [specify topic]
  9. Create an engaging [specify time duration: 30-sec, 2-min, etc) script introducing my podcast. <add details about the podcast>
  10. Write a compelling podcast outro on the topic of [topic]. Make sure to add a CTA

Try out these ChatGPT prompts on Narrato. For more prompts on video content, check out this compilation of ChatGPT prompts for video content creation.

Using Narrato AI Chat to create a podcast ad script

Using Narrato AI Chat to come up with video scene ideas

Additional tools for video/podcast content

Narrato’s AI content assistant also provides usefu tools for podcast and video content creation (the textual component): AI video description generator and AI video script generator. After you have the video script, description, and everything else ready, you can use Deepbrain.ai to create AI-generated videos with its text-to-speech feature. This useful tool can help you save a lot of time in video prep, shooting, and editing.

Wrapping Up

Content creation might get challenging from time to time, but with ChatGPT as your handy assistant, coming up with new ideas and generating high-quality, engaging content does become a lot easier. Using these ChatGPT prompts, you will be able to successfully create content using an AI writer as powerful as ChatGPT, and stand out from the competition. Just remember a few points when you’re writing your ChatGPT prompts -

  • Leave no room for confusion with clear and specific language
  • Long and convoluted prompts can leave the AI chatbot confused
  • It is best to refrain from asking open-ended questions
  • Be careful with typos
  • And lastly, keep experimenting

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